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  • Marquita Waters

    Vocal coach and mentor


    By bringing out
    your true voice


    By mentoring you on your

    journey to success


    By guiding you to turn

    your talents into action

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    Meet Marquita

    As a vocal coach and mentor in Los Angeles, I’ve experienced so much that I am passionate about
    giving you all the tools to inspire, encourage, and create what singing means to you. I have
    different avenues for you to take with me, and whether it’s private lessons, group coaching, or
    specialized courses, there  will be one that fits you.
    Let me help you be the best singer you can be!

    Sing with Marquita Waters

    Seen and Heard On

    When you invest in you, you
    invest in them!

    A portion of every service you purchase goes towards digging wells, rescuing animals, and helping children born with clefts to smile.

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