How long does it take for my voice to get better after straining?

This all depends on how badly you strained your voice. If you pushed your voice and there is no physical damage it can be a few days. If there is damage to the vocal folds it can take anywhere from weeks to months. You then have to make sure you don’t continue to strain because […]

Is it worth it to take voice lessons?

Yes. You want a teacher who understands how the voice works and can explain that to you in terms you can understand. You can learn proper placement of the notes as you sing and how to transition from one area of your voice to another.

Can I learn to sing at 60?

Singing doesn’t depend on your age. You can sing at almost any age. You talk, and these are the same muscles that control your singing.  What it will depend on is your willingness to exercise your vocal muscles, your attitude and thinking positive about being able to sing.  These will be necessary to start.

Can I learn to sing in 6 months?

You can learn to sing depending on what and how you want to sing and sound.  If you’re able to hit tones and follow a melody in the songs you will be surprised at how well you can sing in 6 months. This depends on whether you are building your vocal muscles with exercises and […]