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    Do You Know Your Why?

    The year is just starting and off to the races we go. Do you feel the push to do and be something more? What if we do better at what we already do and not reinvent the wheel? Then again, do you want to challenge yourself and set goals? Here’s what you need to make them happen: Your Why.

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    It Only Takes a Moment To Reset Your Day

    As we prepare for Christmas and Hanukkah is in full swing, gift buying, family gatherings, and parties for all sorts of people in our lives can put added pressure on your plate. If you can find a moment or a few moments to care for yourself, it will pay off.

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    The Silver Lining

    Isn’t it something how bad situations can make a twist and turn into good? Two amazing things happened just because of the problem of my recent live going south. I had so many friends and family reach out to me with encouragement. Cousin Paul said, “You are a warrior.”

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