Mid-range notes to high notes. Marquita is gentle in her corrections and is extremely knowledgeable about the voice and the mechanisms of the body that go into producing the perfect sound.

Dennis Atlas

Expand my abilities with my instrument. She helped me become wider-ranged and more expressive than I realized was possible.

Bethany Redwood

She brings out the best in you. She knows that all of her students are unique, that we all have different voices and personalities and that comes forth in her teaching. I have seen the other students, as well as myself, blossom as performers and as singers.


I’ve been singing for a long time and Marquita has helped me to understand breathing exercises on a very deep and profound level. She’s not only a vocal coach for me she’s also a vocal therapist and a mentor! I am so happy to have her in my life! I love her spirit!

Galo Lopez

My parents separated and my mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Through these dark times, Marquita Waters helped me get through with her understanding and caring ways. She taught me to stay optimistic and move forward with life. I recommend Marquita Waters for she was not just an inspirational vocalist, but an appreciable mentor.

Josie Hull

I strongly recommend Marquita’s lessons. She provides whatever polish your voice needs to go from average to good, and then good to great!