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    Do You Know Your Why?

    The year is just starting and off to the races we go. Do you feel the push to do and be something more? What if we do better at what we already do and not reinvent the wheel? Then again, do you want to challenge yourself and set goals? Here’s what you need to make them happen: Your Why.

    This is the secret to success in whatever you are wanting to succeed in. Darren Hardy, one of my mentors, mentioned it today with a story he told. There were two tribes. One lived high in the mountains and the other in the lowlands. The tribe in the mountains raided the other tribe and took away a baby. The lowlanders were furious and the bravest of them went to get the baby back. As much as they tried, all the trails they found ended and they couldn’t make it up the mountain. They turned back, and as they were descending they saw the mother of the baby coming towards them. She had her baby, and they were confused. They asked her how she made it up the mountain when they couldn’t. She simply replied. “It’s not your baby.”

    As new year’s resolutions may be on your mind, make sure your ‘why’ is deep and sincere. Otherwise, it will be lost in the “have to’s,” “gotta get this done first,” “no time,” “maybe tomorrow” delays.

    These can easily swallow up your resolutions for the new year and the progress you want for your life. Don’t let this happen. Be determined to follow through and have someone you can be accountable to there to keep you on track. This is how I finished my book and what is helping me stay on track with what I have on my plate to achieve. You can do this! I’m here to help you. Contact me for a free lesson for singing or accountability and achieving.
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