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    I Was Lazy – But Not Now 😀

    Why can’t it just work?

    I had a friend over that volunteered to help me get some equipment to work. He was figuring out what was the problem and I just wanted it to work. He suggested I test things out to see if what he did fixed the problems. I just wanted it to work. I was impatient. I was lazy is what it was.

    Fast forward to working on the course and seeing all the ways Anu works and we have to test. All the little details that are necessary. Then reading about being able to jump from normal to really good means we must change. We must dig in and do the things we don’t want to do. The things that will take time to do but are needed to up our game to a much higher level.

    I flipped a switch and I am changing. I still don’t want to do some things but my attitude is much better. How about you?

    Making mountains out of molehills

    I have equipment I have to bring upstairs and then back down to do different things many times in the week. I would procrastinate doing these things or not do them at all. I would talk myself out of it because it was too much trouble. Now I do it all the time. No problem. I made it a problem and lost precious time as well as the accomplishments I could have had. My bad.

    We have to make a molehill out of the seeming mountains in our lives.

    Singing and recording

    I recorded “Flowers” by Mylie Cyrus and it took a little to put together but I started to get used to it and then I recorded. The tempo is fast and my fingers had to get used to moving to the correct notes. I wanted to do a very different version of this song.

    The video is below and I’d love your feedback. Do you like the tempo? Was it a good idea to do the first part slow? Did my vocals sound different than the original to you?

    It’s one thing to sing to a track but to hit the record buttons then play and sing is another thing. I’m not used to doing it but practice does pay off.

    How I recorded

    I used a program called Logic Pro for the vocals and piano and recorded the video with a camera. Then put them together in another program called Resolve. In Resolve I have to line up the audio from Logic with the video and its audio. Some of you are saying, “what are you talking about?” This is for those that want to record and are curious about what programs are used. I am quite the novice with them but I’m determined to do more singing so take a listen.
    Lots a love,


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    WATCH one of my VIDEOS NOW

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