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    It Only Takes a Moment To Reset Your Day

    As we prepare for Christmas and Hanukkah is in full swing, gift buying, family gatherings, and parties for all sorts of people in our lives can put added pressure on your plate. If you can find a moment or a few moments to care for yourself, it will pay off.

    So many of you are rushing around trying to fit everything you have to do in your day and now that the holidays are here. Your days are pretty full. Does that sound like you? Take a deep breath.

    Take a deep breath and let go just for a few minutes. Set a timer.

    Remember a pleasant moment in your life when you felt at peace looking at a beautiful scene. It could have been a sunset you thought was breathtaking. A beautiful change of season in the trees. Maybe it’s your Christmas tree all lit and lovely. It may be the first look after your child was born. A waterfall, the sun rising in the distance, the waves crashing as you sit in awe.

    What and wherever your mind takes you – linger…

    This may seem like a little thing and not necessary, but it is a pause and can be a reset for your day. It only takes a moment.
    Lots a love,


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