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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everyone is unique and I treat each singer that comes to me with that perspective.  As soon as we start working I test how they hear and sing notes. Some need more emphasis on breathing.  Others may need to understand how the voice works. 

    We work at the pace that is comfortable and where each person needs to focus on. 

    I always work on strengthening the voice muscles and singing songs each person loves.

    Vocal exercises come first usually, but answering any questions sometimes has to take center stage. 

    Then we do your songs and finally we work on performance skills

    You will learn how to transition from soft to loud, from low to high.

    You will learn how to mix the different sounds of your voice to make your style come alive. 

    You also learn how to breathe and support the notes and phrases in your songs.

    I also help you with stage presence, stage fright, and mic technique. 

    You will understand and learn about recording do’s and don’ts. 

    Oh this is a biggie. We think we need to get rid of nerves before performing; the answer is yes and no.

    Focusing on something other than your anxiety is part of what most performers do, and I help you explore what breaks your anxiety.  We also want to channel your anxiety, fear and nerves to help you perform.  

    I love teaching about stage presence.  There are so many things that can be overlooked as you enter the stage and share your talent.  As we address where you look, your feeling, your movement, you start to flow when you sing.  The audience can feel what you’re singing.

    Your talent starts to bloom as we explore and maximize your performance skills.

    Most singers take one lesson a week. If we are going into the studio to record, then the lesson could be an hour or more depending on what we need to do for pre-recording practice.

    I have had immediate improvement starting on the first lesson with pro singers and some beginners too.

    It shouldn’t take very long before the muscles start to get stronger.  Usually it takes a few months for this.

    Depending on how much you practice and where you are vocally, you should be seeing progress within the first month  or two. 

    Sometimes it takes 6 months to a year because there are issues like vocal straining, not hearing pitches, not practicing and other situations with the voice or how a person is thinking about their voice and talent.

    I personally sing R&B (Rhythm & Blues) and Jazz, but I teach all genres of music.  

    The only exception is a Classical music only person.  They need someone specializing in the different languages and material for that style.

    I do sing Ariettas myself and can teach someone who needs to sing a classical piece I already know.

    Yes, I offer online lessons. They can be very effective depending on what we want from the lessons.

    In person sessions are the best. Nothing can replace being present with you and working on your talent.

    That said, there is a lot that can be done in online lessons.  It is a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.