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  • Singing for a Lifetime Online Group

    Welcome to the new LIVE online voice training program for women!

    Group Lessons every Thursday at 4 pm PST.
    Four live lessons each month. ​

    The exercises we do are different every week.
    It’s a workout we look forward to. You will too.

    No one can hear you if you make a boo boo.
    This is so cool. You can sing your heart out,
    no judgment, just freedom to work your voice.

    New friendships, growth, and fun! Our group
    has such caring and loving people. Come and
    experience the love.

    We sing a new song the 4th Thursday
    of each month. Remember no one hears your booboos!

    What's in each lesson?


    The mainstay of our membership is to strengthen your voice, and we do different exercises each and every lesson.


    Being in our membership gives you the opportunity to be encouraged by the other members and I'll cheer you on too. We get to know you and put lots of love on ya.


    We celebrate your wins, when your voice is getting stronger and you can sing that song you thought you never could. And we love to celebrate your personal goals too.

    Mental uplift

    We also bring soothing exercises to de-stress your muscles and your mind.

    Join Singing For a Lifetime


    $ 240

    Save $60!

    4 Live Sessions/Month
    Unlimited Replays
    Recurring, Hassle-Free, Payments

    Most Popular


    $ 125

    Save $25!

    4 Live Sessions/Month
    Unlimited Replays
    Recurring, Hassle-Free, Payments


    $ 25

    Every month

    4 Live Sessions/Month
    Unlimited Replays
    Recurring, Hassle-Free, Payments

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes I do! I am so confident that you will find these lessons valuable and see noticeable growth after just one month that I offer a full refund of your entire plan if you are displeased at any time during your first month.
    Not at all. The Singing for a Lifetime membership is a pay-as-you-go service. Sing with us for a year, six months, or in monthly intervals where you can come and go as you desire.
    Absolutely. If you cancel before the third week of lessons, you can get a full refund of that month’s payment and any subsequent months that you paid for. Just contact me and we can discuss your options.
    I accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.