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    Work with Marquita!

    I have been struggling with vocal nodes.

    Marquita is helping me to heal without surgery and get through gigs without doing further damage. She is a coach, a healer and also a life guide. I completely trust her with my voice. Teri G.


    I was hitting notes that I never thought that I could hit as well as having unbelievable control over my voice, which I thought was impossible. She's also great with teaching you to use the voice for stage and screen actors. Andy G.

    upon hiring Marquita as my vocal coacH,

    I began to recognize major improvements in my singing voice. Her vocal lessons have tremendously helped to improve my confidence when singing, allowed me to recognize... and self-correct reoccurring problematic challenges I’ve experienced while vocalizing and singing. Lynette J.

    I’m Ready to Start Singing!


    Marquita is a high energy individual

    Who connects with you at the level that you need. I have a child that loves going to Marquita because of her smile and jokes which are interwoven between the disciplined lessons and attention to detail. Paul A.

    Marquita is an amazing talent.

    She helped me to regain my voice by teaching me the correct way to draw breath and breaking a decades-old bad habit. Marquita is a veteran and I was surprised at her range of knowledge. She's sensitive and caring and can belt out tune like nobody's business. She helped me become a confident speaker again. Alison P.

    Marquita really does offer amazing voice lessons

    She’s extremely talented, intuitive and patient. I'm so thankful to have her as an instructor and would HIGHLY recommend her! Anita S.