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    The Silver Lining

    Isn’t it something how bad situations can make a twist and turn into good? Two amazing things happened just because of the problem of my recent live going south. I had so many friends and family reach out to me with encouragement.

    Cousin Paul said, “You are a warrior. I can’t handle 1% of the tech stuff you have mastered, so give yourself a break! I know your confidence and love for music will pull you through.”

    My Aunt Helen on my dad’s side, the only living sister (half-sister) of my father said, “Marquita, you are an entrepreneur who is not riddled with fear. You have an undying belief that is always possible to make a way where there appears to be no way, and you remain calm. I have a great admiration of you”. I‘ve never met her in person or even heard her voice and I asked her if we could chat. She called today! Thanks Aunt Helen! ❤

    This never would have happened if I didn’t open up and say what I was feeling while the live was going south.

    The second thing that happened because I asked for help—which is hard for me—is Eric Byak, a great musician friend, called to comfort me. He told me he had a conversation with Joey Arreguin that helped him. I messaged Joey and briefly told him about the troubles I was having with one of my courses, video recording, etc. Joey took the time to share what he has done in his business and gave me tremendous advice that I put to work immediately.

    None of this would have happened if I didn’t open up and then ask for help.

    So, friends, when you hesitate to open up or ask for help, remember this: you never know what the silver lining may be.
    Lots a love,


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