Welcome! Do you want the confidence to step on stage and fulfill your singing dreams?

Before you sing songs, the voice needs warming up.
They’re muscles you’re dealing with, and the more you get used to warming them up, the better you’ll sound.  Great news, huh.
I’ve tried going straight to my songs and the result was awful.  I couldn’t hit notes and my voice got tired.  I gotta tell ya, it wasn’t pretty.  But not now.  I warm-up and strengthen my voice with exercises and the results are amazing.
These exercises I’m going to give you are specifically designed to prepare your voice, to get it ready to do your songs with a lot more ease.

The Extra Benefits

  • Your breathing gets better
  • Your intonation is improved (Intonation is hitting the notes spot on)
  • Your voice gets strengthened, range increased, and transitions are smoother
  • Wow, I’m getting excited 😊
We go a lot deeper in my classes but what I give you here is exactly what we do.  
These exercises are just the tip of the iceberg.
I have so many ways for you to improve your sound. So for now let’s get started with these warm-ups.
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Marquita 🎶
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